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About Silver Shadow

SILVER SHADOW® is an authorized exporter of the ISRAEL Ministry of Defense (IMOD). The company is a licensed firearms manufacturer, trader and an authorized supplier to the Israel Ministry of Defense and Israel Police. The company also has a long-standing member with the Israel Export Institute (IEI), The Federation of Israel Chambers of Commerce. All of our services and products fully comply with IMOD regulations regarding the export of Defense, training, related know-how, equipment, system and services. All of our services and products fully comply with requirements of the ISO-9001: 2008 quality assurance standard as well as with the OECD Anti-Bribery and Corruption Convention.

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About Gilboa Rifle

The Gilboa™, a new series of military-grade firearms made in Israel, is produced using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with the purpose of improving the well-known and proven system platform. The Gilboa™ series is manufactured by Silver Shadow®, an authorized Israeli weapon manufacturer. Our R&D laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and its personnel consists of leading Israeli firearms designers. With a combined experience spanning many decades, our R&D team specializes in military firearms design and customized solutions for special operations units. This technological experience is further enhanced by the operational backgrounds of our senior executives and employees, who served in the IDF, Israel Police and various government agencies.

Gilboa Rifle Models


About Corner Shot

Corner Shot® was founded by former senior officer from elite units of the Israel Defense Forces together with US investors. Corner Shot® is headquartered in Israel. Corner Shot® systems and products are distributed worldwide by the companies' direct sales network, which has certified agents around the world. Corner Shot® products fully comply with the ISO-9001: 2008 quality assurance standard. Corner Shot® is used by military units, law enforcement agencies and Special Forces around the world. Corner Shot® maintains highly skilled engineers, technicians and weapon specialists for R&D and production of various high quality weaponry systems & accessories. Each product is produced with state-of-the-art technology and undergoes strict quality assurance. Additional worldwide patented products which will be introduced to the market in the near future. NOTE: We have intentionally avoided describing any combat doctrines, operational characteristics and additional capabilities relating to the product, to prevent any hostile elements from gaining access to sensitive information. We will be delighted to provide additional information to authorized officials. Sold only to official government organizations.

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