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Advanced Security Systems Ltd.

  • Military Training
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Military Training

Since its establishment, SILVER SHADOW has successfully performed numerous defense and military-related projects, such as the establishment and training of air force units, special forces, infantry and armored brigades, patrol units, anti-tank and artillery units, intelligence units and night warfare units, including the instruction of combat officers and NCOs (non-commissioned officers), and fighter pilots.

Our activities and capabilities in this field include:

  • Planning, establishment and training of military organizations and units.
  • Theoretical and practical training for existing military units – air, land and sea.
  • Development of national policy and strategy.
  • Development of specialized doctrines, methods, concepts and procedures for military organizations and units.
  • Advanced training, buildup, upgrading and modernization of existing military and security forces.
  • Complete training and instruction packages for naval commando units, coast guard units and other specialized marine units.
  • Development, supply and assimilation of training simulators and computer-based training (CBT) systems.

Military Equipment

To date, SILVER SHADOW has initiated, negotiated, organized, facilitated and executed numerous large-scale transactions involving the procurement and provision of military equipment, arms and munitions.
Along with a long, successful tradition of supplying our customers with what they demand, we excel in furnishing them with what they need. From personal gear and military vehicles to fighter aircraft, from military surplus to new and un-used items, we are uniquely positioned, connected and qualified to handle all of the aspects of any sales transaction, including sourcing, negotiating, testing, shipping, delivery and supervision.
Our experienced military equipment sales division deals with both western and eastern equipment, firearms and weapon systems, and maintains excellent connections with numerous defense industries, in Israel and around the world.
We are extensively involved in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of various cutting-edge defense and security products and systems. Over the years, we have initiated and executed various equipment upgrading projects, involving mainly eastern firearms and weapon systems.