Gor.Go Electric Motorized Shielded Platform

The Gor.Go is a four wheeled all terrain scooter that is equipped with a bulletproof forward shield.
The Gor.Go adds speed and range to foot soldiers and security personnel during movement or on

The Gor.Go provides a bulletproof shield for protection during a frontal assault. The motorized shield post complements military or security missions and upgrades the fighting capabilities and the soldiersurvival.

The Gor.go delivers a quick protected advantage and stable response to
threats at war or at the perimeter security.

The long range of the Gor.go enables the soldier/security officer to shorten response time to an
alarm or threat over distance and through difficult terrain.

The Gor.go is safe transportation and astable platform that enables a quick response to engage a terrorist or the suicide bomber with dynamic protection and support stabilization enabling shooting while driving with one hand free to operate the gun.

Technical Data – Gor.Go


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