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Silver Shadow

Silver Shadow Advanced Security System Ltd. is a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge weapon systems.
We offer our clients groundbreaking, smart, unique and creative solutions.
Our proprietary products and systems are patent-protected worldwide.
We establish and maintain cooperative alliances in the development, manufacturing and knowledge transfer of various product categories, ranging from small arms to state-of-the-art instruction and combat training systems.
Our industrial capabilities range from development, design, and engineering, through production planning and control, tooling, machining, electronics production & assembly to quality assurance and control.
Even in these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we press on with our development and growth momentum. We are currently in the process of erecting a new, sizable R&D and manufacturing facility, incorporating an international innovation center, at a Technology Park.
We believe in cooperation as a growth engine that enables our partners and us to reach the highest levels of performance and quality and achieve optimal business results.

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Gilboa® DBR Snake

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Gilboa® M43

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