Our history

Silver Shadow has a rich and storied history that spans back to its establishment in 1995. Over the years, we've undertaken a multitude of defense and security-related projects across the globe. This enduring legacy has firmly established us as a leading force in the fiercely competitive world of defense and security
Corner Shot® CSM Was invented by Amos Golan and is currently used by law enforcement agencies around the world. The C.S designed in a way that enables security forces to engage targets from the left, and right, from the front, up or down, and to move to each of these shooting positions very rapidly without the removal of hands from the weapon.
Gilboa® M43 16" Was developed for organizations that presently use firearms chambered for the 7.62x39mm cartridge, so they may benefit from the added value of upgrading to the modern Gilboa® system while retaining their standard-issue magazines, stock ammunition, vests and web gear.
Gilboa® DBR SNAKE 16" Founded in 2012, the DBR Snake concept was developed by Silver Shadow to improve combat fire effectiveness by firing two rounds without the delay and recoil of a cycling mechanism.
The Corner Shot® Scorpion Pole, a telescopic iteration of the Corner Shot weapon system, transforms tactical operations by empowering operators to address challenging environments. Particularly effective in built-up areas and close-quarters combat, it allows operators to stay behind cover while observing and engaging targets. In the same year, Silver Shadow, the manufacturer, holds officially ISO 9001 certification.
In 2024 Silver Shadow moved to new facilities in Modi'in - Israel and officially owned FFL license in USA