Gilboa® DBR Snake



The Gilboa® SNAKE was developed by Silver Shadow to improve combat fire effectiveness by
enabling rapid firing of two rounds.

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The Gilboa® DBR Snake stands as a remarkable testament to cutting-edge firearm engineering, meticulously designed by Gilboa® to elevate combat fire effectiveness to new heights. This groundbreaking firearm is purpose-built to redefine rapid firing capabilities, granting you the power to engage targets with unparalleled speed and precision.

At the heart of the Gilboa® DBR Snake lies its innovative dual-barrel configuration, a revolutionary concept that paves the way for enhanced combat performance. By seamlessly integrating two independent firing systems within a wider upper and lower receiver, this rifle redefines the boundaries of firepower. With parallel barrels set just 1 inch apart from the bore center, you’re poised to dominate the field with unrivaled accuracy and potency.

Deploying the Snake on the battlefield offers an array of tactical advantages that can’t be overlooked:

  1. Redundancy and Reliability: Embrace the confidence of dual mechanisms always working harmoniously, ensuring optimal reliability in critical moments.
  1. Amplified Firepower: Empower a single soldier with the remarkable firepower of two barrels, doubling the impact on targets and commanding superiority.
  1. Precision Penetration: Capitalize on tighter groupings for higher penetration against body armor, offering an edge when every shot counts.
  1. Glass Barrier Mastery: Pierce through hardened glass effortlessly with the first round weakening the barrier, granting the second round an easier path for unprecedented accuracy.
  1. Swift Target Engagement: Experience the advantage of delivering two rounds on target in minimal time, increasing your efficiency in engagements.
  1. Minimized Exposure: Achieve shorter time on target, reducing vulnerability and enhancing your operational safety.
  1. Rapid Target Transitions: Seamlessly transition between multiple targets with minimal delay, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the opposition.
  2. Versatile Ammunition: Harness the Snake’s innovative mag coupler and separate magazines, allowing you to load different ammo types on each side of the rifle. Swap between armor-piercing, tracer, or heavy projectiles without the hassle of changing magazines during action.

Crafted for the modern warrior seeking to redefine combat dynamics, the Gilboa® DBR Snake comes equipped with an ergonomic pistol grip and a specialized handguard adorned with Picatinny rails and M-Lock for effortless attachment of auxiliary equipment and sights.

This exceptional firearm also features a patented collimator design, enabling effortless zeroing of both barrels to converge at a desired distance or adapt to varying needs. With its composite lower part and integrated stock, the Snake offers a lightweight advantage without compromising performance.

Unlock a new era of combat prowess with the Gilboa® DBR Snake Double Barrel Rifle. Dominate the field with the power of double AR15 barrels, redefine the concept of double barrel rifles, and set your sights on excellence. Experience the future of firepower today.

For more information on the Gilboa Snake price and the ultimate double barrel AR15 rifle, contact us and elevate your arsenal to a realm of unmatched performance.

  1. Dual Caliber Capability:

The DBR Snake is chambered in the widely used 5.56×45 mm NATO caliber, ensuring compatibility with a variety of readily available ammunition. This caliber strikes a balance between manageable recoil and effective stopping power.

  1. Precision Barrel Configuration:

With a barrel length of 14.5inches, the DBR Snake is engineered for optimal balance between close-quarters maneuverability and mid-range accuracy. The parallel arrangement of the barrels, set at a spacing of 1.18in, ensures consistent alignment for simultaneous fire.

  1. Streamlined Dimensions:

Measuring 33 inches in overall length with a fixed stock, the DBR Snake maintains a compact profile that facilitates ease of movement and swift target acquisition in various combat scenarios.

  1. Lightweight Design:

Weighing in at 11.35 lbs without magazines, though the DBR Snake boasts a manageable weight that allows for prolonged use without sacrificing operational agility. In no means is it the lightest ar15 on the market but it certainly is the lightest double barrel ar15 you’ll find available.

  1. Dual Magazine Configuration:

Equipped with a magazine capacity of 2× 30 rounds, the DBR Snake’s innovative design permits rapid and alternating fire between its dual barrels without the need for frequent magazine changes.

  1. Enhanced Firing Control:

The DBR Snake operates in semi-automatic mode, offering precise control over each trigger pull. Two separate triggers, each corresponding to a distinct barrel, enable controlled and simultaneous firing for maximum impact.

  1. Direct Impingement Gas System:

Built on a direct impingement gas system, the DBR Snake ensures reliable cycling and effective extraction, contributing to the rifle’s consistent performance and accuracy.


Additional Features:

  1. Tactical Accessory Integration:

The integrated Picatinny rail system on the DBR Snake’s polymer handguard enables seamless attachment of a wide range of tactical accessories, empowering customization according to your operational needs.

  1. Ergonomic Comfort:

Crafted with user comfort in mind, the DBR Snake features an ergonomic design that optimizes your shooting experience. The thoughtfully designed pistol grip and stock contours enhance stability and ease of use.

  1. Durable Construction:

Engineered with durability as a priority, the DBR Snake combines an aluminum alloy receiver with a polymer handguard. This amalgamation of materials ensures resilience without compromising the rifle’s performance.

The DBR Snake stands as a testament to cutting-edge firearm innovation, offering unmatched firepower and precision. Its dual-barrel configuration, ergonomic design, and tactical adaptability make it a formidable choice for professionals seeking a decisive advantage on the battlefield. Whether for law enforcement or military applications, the DBR Snake is a symbol of excellence in modern firearms technology.

Wholesalers, dealers or gunsmiths (unless they are a repair station authorized by the Manufacturer and/or by its local official Distributor) are not authorized to make any warranty repair or adjustment on behalf of the Manufacturer.

This Warranty gives only the original personal retail purchaser specific legal rights. Should warranty service be required for this firearm, please return it to the Manufacturer or to its local official Distributor(s) through the Retailer from whom purchased, giving the full details of the defect or malfunction and stating date of purchase, along with copy of your sales receipt.


Gilboa Folding Sights

Be Prepared for Any Situation. Introducing Silver Shadow's premium Adjustable Flip-Up Sights, the ultimate backup aiming solution for your AR-15 platform. Whether you encounter optic failure or engage close-quarters targets, our sights deliver unyielding accuracy and rapid deployment. Crafted from high-strength aluminum and adorned with a robust hard-coat anodized finish, these sights are engineered for endurance.

Gilboa Grips

Elevate your AR-15 experience with the Gilboa® Pistol Grip, a precision-crafted accessory designed for enhanced functionality and storage. This grip features a discreet compartment inspired by IDF practices, providing a tactical advantage for storing essential items. With improved ergonomics and universal compatibility, it's a valuable addition to any AR-15 setup, ensuring better control and readiness for any situation.

DBR Magazine

Introducing the Gilboa® DBR Snake Dual Magazine: Elevate Your AR 15 Experience. Designed exclusively for the Gilboa DBR Snake double-barreled AR-15 rifle, this innovative magazine features two independent 30-round magazines, expertly coupled to streamline your reloading process. Crafted with Silver Shadow's hallmark commitment to excellence, it offers extended shooting sessions, reduced reload times, and optimized performance in any scenario. Perfectly compatible with the Gilboa DBR Snake double-barreled AR-15 rifle, it's a testament to precision perfected.

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