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The DBR Snake: A New Take on the Double Barrel Rifle

DBR Snake - Double barrel AR15 Rifle in the woods

Introducing Silver Shadow Advanced Security System Ltd., a vanguard in firearms technology. Their cutting-edge weapons and systems redefine industry standards. With worldwide patent protection, their proprietary products stand as testament to unprecedented innovation. Beyond individual products, Silver Shadow forges collaborative partnerships in development, manufacturing, and knowledge transfer across a spectrum of categories, from compact arms to advanced training systems. This blog unveils the technologies and designs shaping the future of firearms, exploring the craftsmanship and forward-thinking solutions that define Silver Shadow Advanced Security System Ltd.

Double Barrel AR15 - 2x bird cage muzzle brakes

When it comes to firearms, the classic double-barrel rifle has long been a symbol of power and precision. However, in the ever-evolving world of firearms technology, innovation is the name of the game. Enter the DBR Snake, a unique take on the traditional double-barrel rifle that combines the best of both worlds: classic craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the world of double-barrel rifles, explore the similarities and differences between the DBR Snake and its predecessors, and discover what makes it a standout in its class.

The Legacy of Double Barrel Rifles 

Double barrel rifles have a storied history that dates back to the 19th century. Initially designed for big game hunting, these rifles quickly gained popularity for their ability to deliver two powerful shots in quick succession. The design was elegant in its simplicity – two barrels side by side, each capable of firing a single round with precision. 

Similarities with the Classic Double Barrel Rifle: 

Dual Barrels:

The most defining feature of double-barrel rifles is, of course, their dual barrels. This design allows for two shots to be fired consecutively, making them ideal for situations where quick follow-up shots are essential. 

Precision and Accuracy:


Both classic double-barrel rifles and the DBR Snake are known for their exceptional accuracy. The side-by-side barrels lend themselves to precise aiming, and the robust construction ensures durability and stability. 


Elegant Aesthetics:


Double-barrel rifles have always been admired for their elegant aesthetics. Craftsmanship is paramount, with fine wood stocks and intricate engraving often adorning these firearms. The DBR Snake upholds this tradition of elegance while incorporating modern design elements. 


DBR Snake: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation 



The DBR Snake takes the classic concept of the double-barrel rifle and infuses it with modern technology and versatility. Let’s explore what sets it apart: 

Differences from the Classic Double Barrel Rifle: 

Dual Calibers:

One of the most distinctive features of the DBR Snake is its ability to fire two different calibers simultaneously. This versatility means you can tailor your ammunition to the task at hand. Whether you need the power of a 5.56 NATO round or the precision of a .223 Remington, the DBR Snake has you covered. 

Picatinny Rails: 

In keeping with modern firearm trends, the DBR Snake is equipped with Picatinny rails for mounting accessories such as optics, lights, and grips. This adaptability ensures that you can configure your rifle to suit your specific needs, whether you’re in a tactical scenario or enjoying a day at the range. 

DBR Snake - Collimator and double barrels

Semi-Automatic Action: 

Unlike the traditional double-barrel rifle, which requires manual reloading after each shot, the DBR Snake operates semi-automatically. This means you can fire multiple rounds without the need to manually cycle the action, providing a faster rate of fire. 

Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety is paramount with the DBR Snake. It incorporates modern safety mechanisms, such as a manual safety selector and a drop safety, to ensure safe handling at all times. 

double barrel AR15 rifle BCGs and charging handle.

Ergonomic Grip:

The DBR Snake features an ergonomic pistol grip that enhances control and comfort during extended shooting sessions. This grip design ensures that you can maintain accuracy and stability even under demanding conditions. 

DBR Snake pistol grip with 5.56 caliber ammunition

Versatility Redefined 

The DBR Snake is more than just a firearm; it’s a testament to the evolution of double-barrel rifles. It combines the timeless elegance and precision of classic double-barrel rifles with the adaptability and innovation demanded by today’s shooters. Whether you’re a hunter seeking versatility in the field or a competitive shooter looking for an edge, the DBR Snake offers a unique and compelling solution. 

In conclusion, the DBR Snake represents a new take on the double-barrel rifle, redefining what is possible in terms of versatility, precision, and adaptability. It pays homage to the classic design while embracing modern technology, making it a standout in the world of firearms. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a forward-thinker, the DBR Snake is a firearm that demands attention and respect. 

With its dual calibers, Picatinny rails, semi-automatic action, enhanced safety features, and ergonomic grip, the DBR Snake stands as a testament to innovation in the world of firearms. It’s a rifle that combines the best of tradition and technology, offering shooters a versatile and reliable tool for a wide range of applications. 

When you pick up a DBR Snake, you’re not just holding a firearm; you’re holding a piece of history and a glimpse into the future of firearms technology. It’s a rifle that embodies the spirit of innovation, safety, and excellence in firearm design, proudly rooted in Israel and embraced by shooting enthusiasts and professionals around the world. Whether you’re in the field, on the range, or in a tactical situation, the DBR Snake is a firearm that delivers unmatched performance and reliability. 

In a world where firearms continue to evolve, the DBR Snake stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the double-barrel rifle and the limitless potential of modern firearm design. It’s a rifle that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, offering shooters a firearm that is as elegant as it is powerful, as timeless as it is cutting-edge.  

So, if you’re looking for a firearm that combines the classic charm of a double-barrel rifle with the versatility and performance of modern technology, look no further than the DBR Snake. It’s a rifle that redefines what’s possible and sets a new standard for excellence in firearm design. 

double barrel AR15 rifle focus on the pistol grip, trigger, safety, mag well, extraction point and picatinny rails.


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DBR Snake: Unveiling the Power of the Double Barrel AR15 Rifle

DBR Snake - Double Barrel AR15 Rifle

Innovation Meets Firepower: Introducing the DBR Snake

At Silver-Shadow, our commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence in firearm technology takes a thrilling leap forward with the DBR Snake. This double barrel AR15 rifle is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a statement of power and precision, designed to elevate your shooting experience like never before.

Double Barrel AR15 - 2x bird cage muzzle brakes

Precision Craftsmanship, Unleashed Power

At the core of the DBR Snake’s extraordinary performance lies a culmination of meticulous design and precision craftsmanship that extends throughout its entire construction. The fusion of engineering ingenuity and expert artistry results in a firearm that transcends mere functionality. Equipped with two 30-round magazines, you’ll command a staggering 60-round capacity, unleashing an unrelenting torrent of firepower. But the real marvel extends beyond its magazine capacity – it’s the culmination of every intricately honed detail that transforms this double barrel AR15 rifle into an emblem of excellence.

Crafted with care and precision, the lower assembly is a testament to ergonomic design and user-friendly operation. Its composite material not only ensures a lighter weight but also offers enhanced maneuverability and control, setting the stage for an unparalleled shooting experience. The unique upper assembly adapter seamlessly integrates the double barrels into the rifle’s framework, setting the stage for a symphony of precision.

The high-quality barrel, meticulously fashioned from 4140 steel, serves as the beating heart of the DBR Snake. This precision-machined barrel is not just a component; it’s a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of accuracy and reliability. With each shot, you’ll experience the symphony of engineering and craftsmanship, delivering performance that shatters expectations and redefines what a firearm can achieve.

Every trigger pull becomes a testament to the harmonious marriage of the lower and upper assemblies, culminating in a symphony of power, control, and precision. As you shoulder the DBR Snake, you become the conductor of this orchestra of innovation and excellence, ready to create your masterpiece on the range. The DBR Snake isn’t just a rifle; it’s a work of art, a testament to the endless pursuit of perfection that defines Silver-Shadow.
Experience the precision, power, and unmatched joy that await you as you step into a world where every detail matters, every shot counts, and every moment is a celebration of craftsmanship.

Every trigger pull becomes a testament to the harmonious marriage of the lower and upper assemblies, culminating in a symphony of power, control, and precision. As you shoulder the DBR Snake, you become the conductor of this orchestra of innovation and excellence, ready to create your masterpiece on the range. The DBR Snake isn’t just a rifle; it’s a work of art, a testament to the endless pursuit of perfection that defines Silver-Shadow.
Experience the precision, power, and unmatched joy that await you as you step into a world where every detail matters, every shot counts, and every moment is a celebration of craftsmanship.

DBR Snake Complete with 5.56 ammo and hearing protection.

A Rifle Like No Other

While the DBR Snake boasts undeniable power and accuracy, it’s also a testament to our commitment to the shooting community. More than a mere tool, this double-barrel AR15 rifle is a showstopper that draws in crowds at the gun range. Its allure isn’t just in its performance; it’s in the experience of wielding a firearm that captures attention and commands respect.

Features That Define Excellence

The DBR Snake is packed with features that set it apart from the rest:

– Two 30-round magazines for sustained shooting

– Precision-machined 4140 steel barrel for unwavering accuracy

– Easy-to-use and maintain design for shooters of all experience levels

Your Path to Power: Act Now

If you’re ready to step into the world of unmatched firepower and precision, the DBR Snake awaits. As a Silver-Shadow masterpiece, it embodies our core values of innovation and safety, ensuring you’re equipped with a reliable and versatile firearm that’s perfect for various shooting applications.
To embark on this journey and learn more about the DBR Snake, we invite you to visit our website or contact us today. It’s time to embrace the extraordinary and make your mark with the double-barrel rifle, where innovation and excellence meet.

Navigating Calibers: 5.56 vs. .223

Understanding the nuances of firearm calibers is crucial for informed decision-making. Here, we delve into the differences between the 5.56 and .223 caliber rounds, each of which can be shot through the DBR Snake, shedding light on their performance and impact:

DBR Snake pistol grip with 5.56 caliber ammunition

5.56 Caliber:

– Developed by the US military in the 1950s

– Diameter: .224 inches (5.7 mm), Length: 2.26 inches (57.4 mm)

– Muzzle velocity: Up to 3,000 feet per second

– Effective range: About 500 yards

– Versatile uses: US military, law enforcement, civilian target practice, hunting, and self-defense

– Terminal ballistics: Designed to fragment on impact, creating a larger wound cavity for increased stopping power

.223 Caliber:

– Developed by Remington Arms in the 1960s

– Diameter: .224 inches (5.7 mm), Length: 1.76 inches (45 mm)

– Muzzle velocity: Up to 3,100 feet per second

– Effective range: About 500 yards

– Widely used: civilian target practice, hunting, and self-defense

– Terminal ballistics: Designed to fragment on impact, yielding a larger wound cavity for enhanced stopping potential.

5.56 vs. .223: Performance at a Glance

While both calibers share similarities, subtle differences impact their performance:

– Muzzle velocity: .223 caliber slightly faster at 3,100 fps compared to 5.56’s 2,900 fps

– Trajectory: 5.56 caliber boasts a flatter trajectory for easier long-range targeting


– Wound cavity: Studies suggest 5.56 caliber creates a slightly larger wound cavity due to diameter and velocity differences.


Dive Deeper into the DBR Snake

The Gilboa® Double Barrel Snake Rifle marries innovation with battlefield prowess. Here’s what you need to know:

– Faster traversing between targets with each double trigger pull

– Wider upper and lower receivers for dual firing systems

– Ergonomic grip and handguard with Picatinny rails for customization

– Patented collimator for precise barrel alignment and zeroing

– Mag coupler allows charging different ammo on each side for versatility.

Technical Specs of the Double Barrel AR15 at a Glance

– Caliber: 5.56×45 mm

– Method of Operation: Direct impingement gas system

– Weight without magazine: 10.58lbs. (4.8 Kg)

– Overall Length: 33inches (838 mm)

– Barrel length: Double 16” (406.4mm) barrels

– Bore characteristics: 1:7 RH twist

– Firing mode: Double semi-auto

Elevate your shooting experience and explore the innovative world of the DBR Snake today. Unveil the power, precision, and unparalleled performance that define Silver-Shadow’s commitment to excellence. Visit our website to learn more about our dealer network.

DBR Snake - Double Barrel AR15 Rifle


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Why corner shot?​

Corner Shot® can change the nature of relevant operations by providing security forces with an effective tool to accurately pinpoint and engage a target, at minimal risk to their personal safety.

Amos Golan, the inventor, one of Corner Shot’s founders and a former Anti-Terror Unit Commander, said: “I believe that the Corner Shot® weapon system can be extremely beneficial in the global war on terror. It protects soldiers’ lives and increases their chances of survival, while drastically improving their ability to gather information and transmit the combat scenario as well as pinpoint and engage targets out of their line of sight.”

He added: “Today’s combat situations, especially in low intensity conflicts, involve fighting in urban terrain, and inside inhabited buildings, forced entry into airplanes, buses or trains. This unnecessarily exposes security forces to the enemy and presents an immediate risk to their lives. Corner Shot® removes the need for this initial exposure.”

“The Corner Shot® system is designed in a way that enables security forces to engage targets from the left, and right, from the front, up or down, and to move to each of these shooting positions very rapidly without the removal of hands from the weapon. This shortens reaction time and increases accuracy in sudden engagement situations. The weapon system can be triggered completely from behind cover.”

The advantages that the Corner Shot® offers to a SWAT OPERATION lay in two main areas: “The Operator” and “The Operation Management.” Advantages for the Operator are those that the officer or soldier carrying the Corner Shot® experiences. These advantages are the following:

Advantages for Operation Management are those that the Central Command experiences due to the use of the Corner Shot® being carried by the Operator. These advantages are the following:

“Today’s combat situations, especially in low intensity conflicts, involve fighting in urban terrain, and inside inhabited buildings, forced entry into airplanes, buses or trains. This unnecessarily exposes security forces to the enemy and presents an immediate risk to their lives. Corner Shot® removes the need for this initial exposure”

Amos Golan- Founder & President of Corner Shot


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Based on the Gilboa® AR platform

The snake has a wider upper and lower receivers to incorporate the two independent firing systems. The two parallel barrels are 3 cm apart from the bore center.

Double the fire double the fun​

The Snake concept was developed by Silver Shadow to improve fire effectiveness by firing two rounds without the delay and recoil of a cycling mechanism.

Light lower receiver

The lower receiver as well as the integrated stock is made from composite materials, thus making it lighter.


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Kirsten Joy Weiss Corner Shot review

In the realm of firearms innovation, the Corner Shot stands out as a unique and versatile weapon system. Renowned firearms expert Kirsten Joy Weiss provides an in-depth review of the Corner Shot in this captivating YouTube video. Join us as we explore the features, performance, and tactical advantages of the Corner Shot, as assessed by Kirsten Joy Weiss.
In her comprehensive review, Kirsten Joy Weiss thoroughly analyzes the Corner Shot, offering valuable insights into its design, functionality, and practical applications. The Corner Shot is a weapon system that enables users to shoot around corners without exposing themselves to direct threats. It provides a tactical advantage in various scenarios, such as law enforcement operations and military engagements.
Kirsten starts by highlighting the ergonomic design of the Corner Shot, focusing on its comfortable grip and user-friendly controls. These features ensure ease of handling, allowing operators to maintain control and accuracy in high-pressure situations. Additionally, she discusses the system’s lightweight construction, which facilitates maneuverability without compromising stability.
Moving on to performance, Kirsten delves into the Corner Shot’s versatility in terms of firearm compatibility. The system accommodates various handguns, including popular models from different manufacturers. This adaptability allows users to utilize their preferred sidearms, enhancing familiarity and reducing training requirements.
Kirsten emphasizes the Corner Shot’s integrated camera system, enabling real-time video transmission to the operator. This feature enhances situational awareness and allows for precise targeting, even in challenging environments. Moreover, she explores the system’s folding mechanism, which facilitates compact storage and swift deployment in critical moments.
In terms of tactical advantages, Kirsten highlights the Corner Shot’s ability to minimize exposure in hostile situations. It enables operators to engage targets from behind cover, reducing the risk of direct confrontation. She discusses the system’s effectiveness in scenarios such as room clearing, where operators can engage threats without fully exposing themselves.
Throughout the video, Kirsten’s expertise shines as she explains the Corner Shot’s features, practical applications, and potential considerations. Her engaging presentation style appeals to a wide range of viewers, from firearms enthusiasts to professionals in the field.
Check out Kirsten Joy Weiss’s in-depth review of the Corner Shot on this video. Gain exclusive insights into this unique weapon system, witness its remarkable features, and experience its tactical advantages firsthand. Click here to watch the video now and dive into Kirsten’s expert analysis of the Corner Shot.


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Gilboa DBR Snake – GY6vids-Full review

The Gilboa DBR Snake is a unique and innovative rifle that is sure to turn heads. It is a double-barreled AR15 that fires 5.56x45mm NATO rounds. The Snake is made of a reinforced polymer and aluminum alloy, and it weighs in at 11 pounds. It has a 16-inch barrel and a 31-inch overall length. The Snake is equipped with two triggers, two charging handles, and two magazines. It can fire either one barrel at a time or both barrels simultaneously.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Gilboa DBR Snake and give it a thorough review. We will discuss the features of the rifle, its accuracy and reliability, and its pros and cons.

The Gilboa DBR Snake is a unique and innovative rifle that has a number of features that make it stand out from other AR-15s. These features include:

Double-barrel design: The Snake has two barrels, which allows it to fire two rounds at once. This can be useful for taking down multiple targets quickly or for suppressing enemy fire.

Polymer construction: The Snake is made of a reinforced polymer, which makes it lightweight and durable. It is also corrosion-resistant, which makes it ideal for use in harsh environments.

Two triggers: The Snake has two triggers, which allows the user to fire either one barrel at a time or both barrels simultaneously. This gives the user more flexibility in how they use the rifle.

Two charging handles: The Snake has two charging handles, which makes it easier to charge the rifle. This is especially useful when the rifle is hot or dirty.

Two magazines: The Snake can hold two magazines, which gives the user more rounds before they need to reload. This can be useful in extended firefights.

The Gilboa DBR Snake is a very accurate and reliable rifle. In our testing, we were able to hit targets at 100 yards with ease. We also fired the rifle for extended periods of time without any problems.

“The Gilboa DBR Snake is a unique and innovative rifle that is sure to turn heads. It is accurate, reliable, and lightweight. If you are looking for a unique and fun rifle to shoot, the Gilboa DBR Snake is a great option.”


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Gilboa Snake – DBR Review: A Comprehensive Analysis by Kirsten Joy Weiss

Discover the cutting-edge features and exceptional performance of the Gilboa DBR in this comprehensive review by renowned firearms expert, Kirsten Joy Weiss. With its unique dual-barrel design, the Gilboa DBR has captured the attention of firearm enthusiasts worldwide. Join us as we delve into its remarkable attributes and shooting experience in this captivating YouTube video analysis.

In this detailed review, Kirsten Joy Weiss takes an expert look at the Gilboa DBR, examining its key features, performance, and overall shooting experience. From its sleek aesthetics to its remarkable functionality, the Gilboa DBR stands out as a truly remarkable firearm.

Kirsten begins by discussing the ergonomic considerations of the Gilboa DBR, highlighting its comfortable grip and perfectly balanced weight distribution. These features contribute to a superior shooting experience, allowing users to maintain control and precision.

Moving on to its performance, Kirsten explores the Gilboa DBR’s versatility, with chambering options available in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibers. She provides valuable insights into the advantages of each caliber, helping shooters make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, Kirsten assesses the firearm’s accuracy, recoil management, and overall shooting experience, offering a comprehensive evaluation for potential users.

To explore the Gilboa DBR’s outstanding design, performance, and reliability, we invite you to watch Kirsten Joy Weiss’s comprehensive review right here in this video. Gain invaluable insights, witness the dual-barrel design in action, and make an informed decision about this remarkable firearm. Click here to watch the video now and immerse yourself in the world of the Gilboa DBR.


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How to Zero the Gilboa Snake Rifle?

Gilboa® DBR Snake calibration procedure is comprised of three stages.
Each has several steps- watch the video for further instructions 

1. Initial sight zeroing – relative to the right barrel only.

2. Barrels alignment – relative to one another.

3. Final sight zeroing – relative to both barrels.

The following procedures assume firing to 25 m.

Discover the groundbreaking Gilboa Snake Rifle, a unique firearm boasting two barrels, two triggers, and two magazines. In this blog post, we explore the exceptional features of the Gilboa Snake Rifle and dive into the SNAKE calibration procedure, a three-stage process designed to optimize accuracy and performance. Join us as we uncover the potential of this extraordinary rifle.

The Gilboa Snake Rifle: Power and Versatility Experience the extraordinary with the Gilboa Snake Rifle, a firearm that sets itself apart from the rest. With its dual-barrel configuration, each equipped with its own trigger and magazine, the Gilboa Snake Rifle offers unparalleled power and versatility. Seamlessly switch between barrels to fire independently or consecutively, enabling quick follow-up shots and the ability to engage multiple targets without reloading. Uniting power and efficiency, the Gilboa Snake Rifle stands as a testament to cutting-edge firearm design.

Unlocking Precision: The SNAKE Calibration Procedure Achieving optimal performance requires precision, and that’s where the SNAKE calibration procedure comes into play. Comprising three stages, this calibration process ensures accuracy and consistency for each barrel. Typically conducted at a distance of 25 meters, the SNAKE procedure guarantees exceptional shooting performance. Let’s delve into each stage:

Stage 1: Initial Sight Zeroing – Relative to the Right Barrel Establish a solid foundation by zeroing the sights to the right barrel. This critical step aligns the sights accurately with the right barrel’s point of impact, laying the groundwork for subsequent calibration.

Stage 2: Barrels Alignment – Relative to One Another Attain consistency in trajectory by aligning both barrels. Adjust windage and elevation settings to ensure identical point-of-impact for both barrels, delivering reliable accuracy and uniform performance.

Stage 3: Final Sight Zeroing – Relative to Both Barrels Fine-tune the sights for ultimate precision with both barrels. Account for any variations in ammunition or barrel harmonics to achieve optimal accuracy. This step guarantees a consistent point of impact for both barrels, maximizing shooting proficiency.

The SNAKE calibration procedure optimizes the Gilboa Snake Rifle’s performance, fine-tuning accuracy and ensuring reliable results. By aligning the barrels and zeroing the sights, shooters can confidently deliver precise shots. However, it’s essential to note that the calibration procedure should be conducted by trained professionals or experienced shooters well-versed in the intricacies of the Gilboa Snake Rifle.

Experience the power and precision of the Gilboa Snake Rifle, a groundbreaking firearm equipped with dual barrels, triggers, and magazines. Through the meticulous SNAKE calibration procedure, this extraordinary rifle achieves unrivaled accuracy and performance. As technology continues to evolve, we anticipate further advancements in multi-barrel firearms and related calibration procedures, pushing the boundaries of firearm capabilities.

Unlock the potential of the Gilboa Snake Rifle today and witness the fusion of power and precision in action.